Monday, April 25, 2011

Setting up Voipstunt (and similar) on Linux

I've been spending some time trying all the softphone solutions I could find around, in order to use Voipstunt on Ubuntu.

Most of them were either:
- not working, properly or at all
- had a horrible interface

Ekiga is in the first category; I couldn't make more than one phone call per application run.
Linphone is in both categories.
I tried others that I don't remember.

At the end I found two working ones:
- Qutecom
- Twinkle.

Twinkle has a clunky and outdated interface, with at least one serious bug (segfault when trying to delete one contact). It's simple to configure, though.

Qutecom has a modern interface, and it works reasonably well.
I again found a bug, but minor - if I try to close the application without hanging up a call, it hangs.

At the end, I chose Qutecom.

For people using Qutecom and Voipstunt, the only parameter to configure (aside the obvious login/password) is "" as SIP Domain/Realm.
Voipbuster, from the same phone company, uses most probably "".

The package is in the main Ubuntu repository, so users can install it using the GUI application or command line.


Eliezer Silva said...

hey man. this was really helpfull. my girlfriend is in Norway and I was just trying this voipstunt stuff (with a lot of skepticism, must I say). I was really surprised how in the end it was really easy.

Jim Corney said...

Glad to help :-)

Farid Babul said...

Went thru the same issues you did but lived with the shortcomings until I used qutecom. thanks for sharing.

Carlo said...

So good. Thank you. QuteCom is nice.